Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

Diversity Builder has always looked far beyond checking a box when it comes to sexual harassment prevention training. The entire workplace suffers when harassment, bullying, or a hostile work environment happens.  Employees may face economic, medical, psychological hardships due to their experiences.

The company may face lost work time, fines, and penalties as a result of an EEOC claim and/or lawsuit.

Training to prevent harassment and hostile work environments is critical for employers to establish a safe workplace where employees feel empowered. The Me Too and Times Up movements have contributed to heightened awareness of workplace harassment, the harm it causes, and the ways states and companies can take action to effect change. New mandatory education state laws continue to be drafted to address these issues and requirements are evolving by state. Human resources departments are tasked with compliant policies and training along with all related state law deadlines for supervisors and employees.

Training is best received when leadership shows support for the initiative and the why behind the benefits.

Harassment may take the form of a sexual nature or can involve a hostile work environment.

Spanish Speaking Harassment Trainers are available.

Diversity Builder takes the approach to present the value of preventing harassment not because employees have to but because they want to make a difference in their work culture.

Instead of checking a box, Diversity Builder trainers set up the environment for change.

Harassment Prevention Trainers

Our harassment trainers offer compliant sexual harassment prevention training both online and in-person that is both engaging and impactful.

We have trainers who are available in Nashville TN, San Francisco CA, Charlotte NC, Atlanta GA, Seattle WA, Chicago IL, St. Louis, MO, New York City, NY, Philadelphia PA, Washington DC, Houston TX and other cities to make training travel logistics and quick scheduling easy.

Bystander Intervention

One key component of our program that has been effective in creating change is our bystander intervention training. This training module encourages employees to speak up in a positive way when harassment or a potentially harmful comment is made. Bystander intervention training has been shown in studies to reduce the incidents of harassment and the number of complaints filed against companies.

Onsite Online Training Options

Diversity Builder offers onsite and online courses on the topics of Sexual Harassment, Hostile Work Environment Prevention, and Discrimination Prevention courses nationwide. Our trainers customize all onsite classes, while abiding by all requirements of state law.

Compliant Harassment Classes: New York California Connecticut Canada

State laws require specific training to be delivered to staff and leadership within the organization. Diversity Builder offers both group training in-person and compliant online programs to meet the needs of your company. Bilingual trainers are available for English and Spanish sessions.

The Sexual Harassment Prevention group training combines instructor-facilitated discussions, group exercises, real-workplace scenarios and case studies to create a dynamic and effective training for managers and staff. Online training for Canadian laws is available.

Upon completion of harassment prevention training for your staff and/or management team, your company will have on record a company-wide diversity and inclusion initiative that can be used to directly dispute future discrimination claims as a preventive measure.

Required State Harassment Prevention Training

California Laws:

SB 1343

AB 1825

SB 396

*Spanish or English

Learn about California harassment training requirements

New York Laws

Section 201-g of the Labor Law

Sexual Harassment has been the most litigated civil rights violation, since the year 2000. Historically, courts have awarded favorable decisions to employers who have trained their workforce and implemented an effective sexual harassment policy.

Preventing Hostile Work Environment  

Diversity Builder also provides compliant and effective online training on the topics of Hostile Work Environment, Sexual Harassment, and Anti-Bullying. These course descriptions and details are described below.

Sexual Harassment Prevention Onsite Training Topics

Diversity Builder will design instructor-led training to meet all requirements set forth in current state laws and labor regulations. If there are no specific content requirements for a state, the following topics are included:

*The definitions sexual harassment and hostile work environment
*Examples of harassing behavior
*Best practices to prevent harassment
*Current laws and legal implications of sexual harassment
*How to identify and prevent sexual harassment and hostile work environments in the workplace
*The procedure for responding to a complaint (managers)
*Role bystanders play in harassment prevention
*The manager’s role in sexual harassment

Note: Diversity Builder recommends an effective and widely shared sexual harassment policy within the workplace to prevent a hostile work environment and avoid employee claims.

Mandatory California Sexual Harassment Classes

Diversity Builder is a provider of California mandatory harassment training and is a compliant trainer for state law AB 1825, SB 1343, and SB 396.

California Harassment Program

Inquire about California Sexual Harassment training

Online Harassment Prevention Course Description and Topics

Diversity Builder offers online harassment training for employees or supervisors in our Federal e-learning version. We also have compliant programs for California AB 1825 SB 1343, Canada, New York, and Connecticut.

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Course Description

Harassment and discrimination are costly to organizations. Everyone is affected by the negative consequences of a workplace that allows harassing, hostile, or discriminatory behavior. This e-Learning web-based course is designed to inform employees of their legal obligations and their critical role in ensuring a harassment-free workplace. This course will discuss the laws that govern discrimination, harassment and retaliation. The course modules will also define discrimination, harassment, and retaliation and provide examples of these behaviors through case studies; outline the obligations of employees; and describe the role of the employee in preventing harassment and discrimination.


  • Sexual Harassment

    • Legal cases and current event topics related to harassment
    • Defining harassment (and examples)
    • Prevention of harassment
    • Case studies and interactive activity with examples of harassment
    • Forms of harassment (non-sexual)
    • Intent vs. impact
    • The “who” of harassment (victims and harassers)
    • Employer and manager liability for harassment (sexual and general)
    • Employee to employee liability (sexual and general)
    • Unwelcome behavior and “reasonable person” standard
  • Legal Requirements

    • Legal cases and current event topics related to sexual harassment
    • Defining sexual harassment (and examples)
    • Types of sexual harassment (quid pro quo and hostile work environment)
    • Examples of sexual harassment
    • Case studies and interactive activity with examples of sexual harassment
    • Consensual relationships in the workplace

Video Training

Not all harassment training can be conducted in person. Our online training program is the next best thing. It includes modern visual media including video scenarios throughout as well as quizzes, tests and opportunities to learn more. Employees appreciate video snippets with specific examples about harassment so they can relate it back to their working environment.

  • Discrimination Prevention: Understanding Illegal & Unlawful Discrimination

    • Prevention of discrimination
    • Federal laws related to discrimination and protected categories
    • State laws that expand protections of personal characteristics
    • Review of company specific harassment and discrimination policies
    • Examples of unlawful discriminatory behavior

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