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Team Building Workplace Training

The success of an organization directly results from its effectiveness to develop thriving diverse teams. Diversity Builder’s team building workshop supports team members in elevating the following:

Top Six Benefits of Team Building Training

  • Higher organizational and individual team performance
  • Improved communication and understanding across difference
  • Growth in creativity and brainstorming
  • Rise in job satisfaction
  • Improved problem-solving and accuracy
  • Elevated sense of belonging

Diversity Builder understands every organization is different and seeks unique training outcomes. Diversity Builder trainers customize each workshop to make it relatable by industry, specific to stated needs, and reflective of the core values of the organization. Diversity Builder uses the latest technologies available coupled with relevant and impactful experiential learning activities that promote analytical thinking and innovative problem-solving.

This live training class may be facilitated live via webinar or in-person (onsite) at your organization’s location.

Difference Between Team Bonding and Team Building

What is the difference between team building and team bonding?  Team building positions teams to develop new skills to better understand how colleagues work best. It teaches the group how to work together as a high-performing entity and elevate each other’s strengths. Team bonding usually involves fun or challenging external activities (like escape rooms or a ropes course)  to bring teams together through competitions, shared learning, or events that require team members to rely on each other and build trust.

Approaching Training through a DE&I Lens

Diversity Builder trainers approach the team building workshop using a diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) lens with the goal of achieving team belonging within organizations. The trainer develops learning opportunities for individual team members to build relationships and connect across differences in identities and lived experiences. Learning activities include experiential exercises that help employees and managers seek to understand differences in perspectives and build trust and connection. Understanding that a team’s strengths are strongly tied to their differences and viewpoints is key to building thriving small teams. Creating a safe space and workplace of psychological safety are essential components of successful outcomes. In Team Building Training for managers, the trainer will emphasize the role the manager has in supporting and helping to develop a culture of inclusion. Strategies are shared and skill-building exercises are facilitated by the trainer.

Team Building Course Description:

This course provides essential team building concepts and tools required to optimize team performance and deliver breakthrough results. Core focus concepts facilitated within this course include establishing, building, and restoring trust among team members, recognizing cultural dynamics, utilizing effective communication skills, understanding motivation techniques, building collaboration strategies, and aligning team members with shared goals. The training approach starts with equipping teams with foundational knowledge and follows with tools to effectively execute new strategies and enhance understanding. Learning activities include open discussion, concept presentation, case studies, self-assessments and evaluation, and applicable work scenarios. Collaboration is the new speed of success and successful companies are finding that only through inclusive work environments which support belonging, can they meet the high-speed demands of today’s work environment.

“Collaboration is the new speed of success and successful companies are finding that only through inclusive and respectful work environments, with satisfied employees, can they meet the high-speed demands of today’s workplace.”

If team building interests your organization, consider workshops that teach the team about each member’s strengths. See Diversity Builder’s StrengthsFinder Training using the CliftonStrengths program.

Get Started with Team Building Training

    Class Learning Objectives

    At the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

    • Understand team differences and diversity
    • Positively communicate with team members to improve team cohesiveness
    • Employ techniques to establish, build, and restore trust
    • Understand the key components of high performing teams
    • Prepare and deliver persuasive presentation
    • Better manage changes within the team and organization
    • Utilize strategies for successful remote team leadership
    • Know how to lead and motivate team members
    • Exhibit improved written communication
    • Identify tactics that lead to quality project results
    • Create and build strong, positive relationships with team members
    • Know the essentials to lead a high performing team
    • Communicate critical decisions across organizational/functional lines
    • Develop and implement an effective team building action plan
    • Employ trust-building techniques to establish, build, and restore trust
    • Understand how to build and support cohesive teams using a DE&I lens
    • Know strategies to build high-performing diverse teams with complementary strengths