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Workplace Training Courses Online: Diversity Sensitivity & Harassment

Diversity Builder offers award-winning e-learning online courses that are both affordable and effective for employees and managers. Our programs have been recognized as the Best in Compliance E-learning for the past 6 years in a row. Online training classes are effective virtual learning solutions for

  • employee development
  • remote teams
  • flu, virus, or sickness concerns
  • employees scattered across states or in non-centralized locations

For individual employees, online classes are used to remediate urgent issues, as part of performance management programs, or to address violations of policy within the organization. Our trainers respond to requests with a sense of urgency and sensitivity. We make every effort to meet tight deadlines and expedite access to the training modules in such cases.

Currently, we are offering free Covid-19 Coronavirus Preparedness and Responding to an Active Shooter classes.

Note: Companies are seeing benefits from buying paid group online diversity and inclusion and sexual harassment prevention training programs rather than free programs. The reason is two-fold. There benefits of working with a reputable learning provider outweigh the cost savings of subscribing to a free program.

Benefits of Paid Versus Free Training Classes

  1. Avoid security risks including breaches and potential computer hacking or virus threats
  2. Save computer memory by accessing an online hosted program
  3. Receive and maintain access to employee e-learning history
  4. Receive a training certificate printable or PDF for records or continuing education documentation

Looking for customized employee coaching or an individualized employee online program? Just ask.

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SCORM-Compliant Online Training

Our online courses are SCORM-compliant and may be administered on our Learning Management System (LMS) with full reporting available or uploaded to a company’s LMS. Need online customization such as content changes, branding or company-specific content? Our IT team is glad to help. Want us to host the classes and provide you with full reporting? That is an option many companies choose. Need more than 90 days to complete the training? Call 615-823-1717.

LMS Systems Compatible with Online Programs

Diversity Builder is able to send a file to upload to your learning management system (LMS). That way you can manage the full process and the programs and course completions internally. Compatible LMS platforms include SABA, Absorb, BlueVolt, Litmos, Ziiva Prosperity, The Learning Manager, Docebo, eTrain Center, IBM Learning Solutions and many others. If your LMS is Scorm-compliant, we are able to easily send you our programs to add to your system. If you do not have an LMS, we are glad to host the training for your employees and provide full reporting. Any questions? Just ask.

Self-Paced Employee Online Classes

Our online workplace classes are interactive, self-paced, and generally require 1-2 hours to complete. They include both audio and visual content. Many of our clients ask if we have a video or prerecorded webinar training option. These courses are similar to viewing a dvd or a prerecorded webinar, yet they are better. These classes are highly interactive. Each class is accompanied by tests for understanding, online quizzes and other engaging activities. Our diversity and harassment prevention programs require each learner to score at least an 80% in a test for understanding following the content portion of the class. Upon successful completion of each course, the employee may print a certificate of completion.

Our most requested courses are Diversity in the Workplace with Focus on Unconscious Bias and Preventing Harassment Federal California New York and Canada. The diversity class was developed by a senior instructional designer with vast knowledge of diversity and inclusion. She holds a Master’s Degree from New York University in Multicultural Diversity.

Online Diversity in the Workplace Outline

Online Harassment Prevention Training Outline

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The following is a partial list of our courses available. If you are interested in a specific class you do not see listed, please contact us so we may send you a full course listing. Our instructional designers also have the ability to customize course content and brand the course with your logo and company information.

Popular Online Workplace E-learning Classes

  • Diversity in the Workplace: Course Description and Outline Topics include Unconscious Bias, Generational Changes, Diversity Assessment and Tools, How to Build an Inclusive Employee Culture
  • Preventing Harassment & Illegal Discrimination: Course Description and Outline (California and Canada options available)
  • California AB 1825 SB 1343 Compliant Classes California Sexual Harassment Training (Meets Connecticut Requirements and available in Spanish)
  • New York State Compliant Harassment Training Programs (Available in Spanish)
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • Developing Diverse Teams
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Employee Motivation
  • Managing People
  • Violence in the Workplace
  • Code of Conduct
  • E-mail and Internet Use at Work
  • Workplace Bullying
  • Federal Education Records Protection Act (FERPA)
  • Managing Workplace Stress
  • Acting Effectively on a Team
  • Conflict Management
  • Communicating Cross Culturally
  • Employee Discipline
  • Workplace Violence: Active Shooter

Looking for other classes or specific topics? See our entire e-learning course catalog below or request a custom program.

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