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Diversity Training Program Options

Diversity Builder offers a different training options to meet the needs of onsite employees and those working remotely or in different locations. Below are some of the DEI training solutions.

Intentional Inclusion

Diversity Builder trainers developed the term intentional inclusion. We learned early on that inclusion in the workplace requires a purposeful action-based plan focused on effective best practices. Positive change does not just happen.

Reimagine your Workplace Culture

The first time our trainers facilitate a live class with a  company or organization, they set the foundation for awareness of difference and respect. Learners recognize they are each accountable in taking steps that may fall outside of their comfort zone. When they work together and make progress, the reward is big – A workplace culture of intentional inclusion.

Turning Understanding into Action

How much does DEI training cost?

The pricing is set by the location, number of participants, the duration of the training, number of sessions, and other factors. Online virtual classes are generally the least expensive option and an effective option to consider if price and logistics are major factors for your group.

Get Started with Diversity Training

    Benefits of Diversity Training

    What are the benefits of onsite diversity training?

    Diversity Builder’s instructor-facilitated classes inspire

    • extraordinary engagement
    • higher retention
    • attract the best talent
    • elevated team performance
    • behavioral change with best practice integration
    • increased innovation
    • reinforce corporate and organization values

    Our clients tell us that our trainers deliver interactive diversity training classes that create lasting cultural change within their organizations. Raising sensitivity and awareness are often the first steps in the process. Sensitivity training reaches far beyond the initial foundation of awareness. Diversity Builder in known for developing engaging diversity training in the workplace that focuses on relevant topics that promote employee behavioral changes to take back to the workplace. We call it the Diversity Builder Difference.

    Blended Learning Options

    Companies have varying training needs and schedules. A company may have groups of shift workers working 1st, 2nd, or 3rd shifts. These employees may require training in the late night or early morning hours or Saturday classes. Other employees may work from home or be located in remote locations, distanced from other employees. Diversity training programs can be developed to include introductory material to more advanced topics and strategies. Our trainers offer effective learning solutions to meet content, scheduling, and logistical needs. Looking for an interactive seminar or workshop? Contact our DEI Training Team

    “As an HR Director and Vice President of a national building technology firm and real estate company, we sought a training company who could bring personalized solutions to the table, engage employees, and partner in producing sustainable change within the company.  Our real estate firm is committed to providing training opportunities and career growth to employees.  Diversity Builder led two company-wide onsite training projects, one on unconscious bias and the other on harassment prevention. They also were able to bring other workplace training topics to our teams as a value-add, such as team building and effective communication. In addition to the group training, they provided additional training support to individual managers through both remote and onsite coaching to help develop our leadership team and address time-sensitive challenges.”

    Amy Padgett, MBA, SPHR (She/her), VP of Human Resources
    Laramar Group (Denver, Colorado)

    A Different Approach

    It all starts with awareness. Once the foundation of comprehension is set, it is time to turn understanding into action. First employees gain awareness of inclusive and appropriate behaviors, next the level of sensitivity rises. Using skills acquired in training, employees will start leading by example with inclusive conversations and behaviors. With leadership’s endorsement and support our trainers build programs that include best practices that empower employees to speak up and use positive bystander intervention techniques to collaborate with co-workers. As employees work together to be accountable to the culture they wish to achieve, fewer harassment or discrimination claims arise and employees work issues out themselves, with fewer trips and complaints to the HR office. Choose from a list of our vast training topics.

    Online eLearning Options

    The online option complements group instructor-led or webinars as an integral part of a blended learning approach and for employees who work at home or remotely. Effective online classes are an attractive solution for companies who have employees who are in call centers or work at scattered locations who cannot easily allocate time or travel for educational initiatives. Similarly, these classes are a good first step for on-boarding new hires or scheduling employee development for shift workers.

    Why Choose our Trainers

    Selecting the ideal facilitator for your diversity training classes is essential to achieve the best outcome. Our trainers are experienced, engaging, and passionate about diversity and inclusion. Below are some reasons organizations choose Diversity Builder trainers. Even with compliance-based courses such as harassment prevention Tornado Cash, our trainers go beyond the requirements and share the value of building an inclusive workplace culture.

    • Engaging diversity trainers focused on actionable strategies that work
    • Experienced and culturally knowledgeable
    • Conversational and immersive class facilitation approach
    • Use of gamification and industry-specific learning activities that elevate engagement
    • Training aligns company values and mission
    • Build lasting inclusive cultures
    • Best practices and reference material
    • Topics that meet team and organizational needs
    • Consulting options for hiring, creating corporate onboarding documents and diversity statements
    • Focus on behavioral change to resolve unconscious bias
    • Effective micro-learning modules
    • Experience in schools and universities
    • Blended learning options to include online, onsite, webinars, on-the-job integration
    • Trainer locations in Chicago, New York City, Washington DC, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Houston and other cities
    • Educational solutions that appeal to different types of learners
    • Assessments help set the baseline and measure D&I results
    • Leadership-focused programs
    • Onsite sensitivity training programs in Spanish in English, Spanish, Greek, or French
    • Cross cultural communication modules
    • Global perspective for world-wide organizations
    • Specialized training for manufacturing, nursing centers, police departments, schools , property management & real estate, non-profits, teachers, financial services, law firms, insurance, technology, and hospitals.

    Looking for employee or leadership individual coaching?

    Program Customization

    Our diversity trainer-led programs are customized to meet the needs of the organization and goals of your organization and reflect your company values and diversity statement. Our trainers consider the best interests of senior leadership, management, and employees when choosing topics and building curriculum. These onsite sessions equip participants with the skills to create a safe and engaging cooperative working environment and establish an inclusive culture, while remaining sensitive to individual viewpoints.

    Our trainers and consultants provide tools and strategies to resolve unconscious bias and micro-aggressive communication.

    These online programs received Best Compliance Online Classes from the E-learning Media Group. This customized curriculum is designed to be engaging, specific to the organization, and have a high implementation rate when staff and management return to work. Sometimes the goal of a company may be to simply to raise awareness and sensitivity.

    Online Diversity Training Outline 

    This customized curriculum is designed to be engaging, specific to the organization, and have a high implementation rate when staff and management return to work. Sometimes the goal of a company may be to simply to raise awareness and sensitivity. Our trainers are happy to start there as it is a first step in the journey toward inclusion.

    Top Rated Online Classes

    Online diversity training is a learning solution chosen by companies with employees who may work from home or from differing locations. Sometimes it makes sense to choose this learning solution based on logistics, temporary or seasonal workers, travel needs, employees who primary language is Spanish-speaking, or other factors.  Diversity Builder’s most requested online programs are the following:

    “We have used Diversity Builder’s online training programs for the past four years. As an HR Manager for a growing technology firm, I feel it is very important for new staff to receive effective diversity and harassment prevention training. Diversity Builder makes it easy to provide and administer e-learning classes. Their staff is very responsive and sets our employees up quickly.”

    Jennifer Martin,
    StratXIT Solutions

    Cultural Competency Assessments

    Self-assessments and training surveys provide insight in knowing where employees are on their cultural diversity journey. Whether employees are based in the United States or globally, culture surrounds the workplace. Cultural competence is essential for business success, retention, and job satisfaction. Diversity Builder’s experienced trainers facilitate open discussion and guide learners through the critical elements of cultural sensitivity, understanding and interpretation. By being culturally competent, your staff is better positioned to understand diverse values, behaviors, and beliefs of co-workers, vendors, and customers. Pre-assessments and post-training assessments are recommended to gauge the impact of the sessions and recommend future cultural competency action plans and programs. Diversity Builder trainers will help your company or organization progress to a culture of civility, equity, and inclusion.

    Diversity & Sensitivity Training Courses