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Customized Onsite and Online Diversity Training Class Options

Intentional Inclusion

Diversity Builder trainers developed the term intentional inclusion. We learned early on that inclusion in the workplace requires a purposeful action-based plan. It does not just happen. The first training we do with a company often sets the foundation for respect in the workplace. Learners recognize they are each accountable in taking steps that may fall outside of their comfort zone. When they work together and make progress, the reward is big – A workplace culture of intentional inclusion.

Benefits of Diversity Training

What are the benefits of onsite diversity training?

Diversity Builder’s instructor-facilitated classes inspire

  • extraordinary engagement
  • higher retention
  • attract the best talent
  • elevate team performance

Our clients tell us that our trainers deliver interactive diversity training classes that create lasting cultural change within their organizations. Raising sensitivity and awareness are often the first steps in the process. Sensitivity training reaches far beyond the initial foundation of awareness. Diversity Builder in known for developing engaging diversity training in the workplace that focuses on employee behavioral changes to take back to the workplace. We call it the Diversity Builder Difference.

Diversity Training Options

Different companies have varying training needs and schedules. A company may have groups of shift workers working 1st, 2nd, or 3rd shifts. These employees may require training in the late night or early morning hours or Saturday classes. Other employees may work from home or be located in remote areas or travel. Diversity training in the workplace can take different forms. Our trainers offer several solutions to meet content, scheduling, and logistical needs.

Top Diversity Training Options

  • Onsite Instructor-Led Group Training
  • Online Group or Individual Employee Classes
  • Small Group Webinars
  • Employee Coaching
  • Blended Educational Solutions

“As an HR Director and Vice President of a national building technology firm and real estate company, we sought a training company who could bring personalized solutions to the table, engage employees, and partner in producing sustainable change within the company.  Our real estate firm is committed to providing training opportunities and career growth to employees.  Diversity Builder led two company-wide onsite training projects, one on unconscious bias and the other on harassment prevention. They also were able to bring other workplace training topics to our teams as a value-add, such as team building and effective communication. In addition to the group training, they provided additional training support to individual managers through both remote and onsite coaching to help develop our leadership team and address time-sensitive challenges.”

Amy Smith, VP of Human Resources
Laramar Group (Denver, Colorado)

A Different Approach to Diversity Training

Diversity Builder has designed a groundbreaking engaging online diversity training program, entitled Diversity in the Workplace, considered one of the best interactive e-learning courses available.
The course has questions, quizzes and video scenarios throughout to hold the employee’s attention. In addition to implicit bias content, this class has micro-learning modules on topics such as generations in the workplace, cultural sensitivity, racial diversity, and inclusive conversation best practices.

Online Options

The online option complements group instructor-led or webinars as an integral part of a blended learning approach and for employees who work at home or remotely. Effective online classes are an attractive solution for companies who have employees who are in call centers or work at scattered locations who cannot easily allocate time or travel for educational initiatives. Similarly, these classes are a good first step for on-boarding new hires or scheduling employee development for shift workers.

Why Choose our Diversity Trainers

  • Highly engaging diversity trainers are considered to be some of the best in the world
  • Conversational and immersive class facilitation approach
  • Training for companies with a contemporary global presence
  • Solid track record of building inclusive cultures
  • Use of gamification and industry-specific learning activities that elevate engagement
  • Build lasting inclusive cultures
  • Focus on behavioral change to resolve unconscious bias
  • Microlearning modules
  • Blended learning options
  • Training solutions that appeal to different types of learners
  • Assessments are available to determine a baseline and measure D&I results
  • Leadership-focused programs
  • Onsite sensitivity training programs in Spanish in English, Spanish, Greek, or French
  • Cross cultural communication modules
  • Specialized training for global companies, nursing centers, police and fire departments, behavioral health and therapy centers, non-profits, teachers, financial services, law firms, insurance, manufacturing, technology, and healthcare providers

Looking for employee or leadership individual coaching?

Online Diversity Training  

Online programs are available for individuals and groups. Online classes work great for those learners who work remotely, perform shift work, or are new hires. While in-person trainer-led classes have tremendous impact and value, e-learning courses offer a viable way to reach employees who may not otherwise had the opportunity for educational development. Other remote options include one-on-one coaching and small group webinars led by a live trainer.

Why Choose our Online Programs

  • Interactive programs including audio and visual
  • Self-paced classes that allow stopping at any time and restarting later
  • Integrated tests for understanding
  • Full employee reporting
  • SCORM-compliant
  • Customizable online training options to include branding and multicultural examples
  • Online Spanish harassment classes with language translation options
  • Web-based online diversity coaching for staff and leadership with live trainer

Diversity in the Workplace Class

Our latest training class entitled, Diversity in the Workplace, may be the best online diversity training program currently available. Why? Instead of placing the focus on blame for bias or what not to do at work, the class shares simple strategies the employee can take to build an inclusive workplace. It is highly interactive and emphasizes positive ways each team member can start with awareness and begin taking steps to make a difference at work. This class was designed by teachers and educators with actionable strategies included within each micro-learning module. Video scenarios, questions and answers, and a test for understanding are just a few of the engagement features. The program teaches employees about the latest demographic changes, how to address unconscious bias, and inclusively communicate at work.

Online Diversity Training Outline 

Program Customization

Our diversity trainer-led programs are customized to meet specific needs of the organization, senior leadership, management, and staff. These onsite sessions equip participants with the skills to create a safe and engaging cooperative working environment and establish an inclusive culture, while remaining sensitive to individual viewpoints.

Our trainers and consultants provide tools and strategies to resolve unconscious bias and micro-aggressive communication.

This customized curriculum is designed to be engaging, specific to the organization, and have a high implementation rate when staff and management return to work. Sometimes the goal of a company may be to simply to raise awareness and sensitivity. Our trainers are happy to start there as it is a first step in the journey toward inclusion.

Web-Based Online Training Programs

Diversity Builder offers custom online solutions to meet your needs in the areas of Diversity in the Workplace, Discrimination, Sexual Harassment Prevention (California), including AB 1825 SB 1343, Business Ethics, 360 Degree Feedback, Affirmative Action & Equal Employment Opportunity, Gender Expression, and Developing Diverse Teams. Most online education programs are available in English, Spanish, & French. The majority of our programs include a test for understanding with an 80% passing score required. Our e-learning programs include both audio and visual components to appeal to the adult learning. Full reporting is available. The courses are SCORM compliant and may be hosted by our team or placed on your company’s LMS. These online programs received Best Compliance Online Classes from the E-learning! Media Group.

Top Rated Online Classes

Diversity Builder’s most requested online programs are the following:


“We have used Diversity Builder’s online training programs for the past four years. As an HR Manager for a growing technology firm, I feel it is very important for new staff to receive effective diversity and harassment prevention training. Diversity Builder makes it easy to provide and administer e-learning classes. Their staff is very responsive and sets our employees up quickly.”

Jennifer Martin,
StratXIT Solutions

Sensitivity Coaching: Training for Individual Contributors

Looking for an impactful and cost-effective way to train or coach an individual or a few key staff on diversity-related topics?
Diversity Builder offers remote/virtual training and coaching with experienced trainers, sensitive to the needs of individual contributors and the organization. Employers have found the remote coaching option to be both cost-effective and time efficient.

How Remote Employee Coaching Works

Why Individual Employee or Leadership Coaching

The following scenarios are common reasons HR directors call Diversity Builder for individual sensitivity coaching.

  • A company hires a new supervisor who has not yet completed the corporate diversity training program onsite. Rather than incurring travel expenses and lost work time, the company opts to send the supervisor to a remote/online class with a dedicated trainer.
  • HR received some reports that an employee was using racial slurs.
  • A leader in the organization has made comments about women and pregnancy that are inappropriate. HR desires to act quickly and secure the best training for the leader for awareness and behavioral change.
  • A manager uses abrasive words and lacks a communication filter. The tone and word choice have resulted in team members and colleagues distancing themselves. One of the team members reported the manager to human resources for creating a hostile work environment. HR decided training would be best from a development and logistical standpoint. Diversity Builder offered options of onsite or online coaching with a trainer in real time.
  • An employee violates a company discrimination policy or code of conduct related to diversity or sensitivity. Examples include sending inappropriate emails, discriminating against a protected class, harassing another staff member, telling inappropriate jokes, displaying favoritism as a manager, verbalizing a racial slur, or using inappropriate language at work.

Other Reasons for Employee Coaching 

  • Part of a disciplinary action related to a performance management program
  • Policy violation remedy
  • Employee development opportunity
  • Workplace sensitivity and awareness
  • Employee is new to the workplace and does not able to distinguish what is appropriate
  • Supplier diversity vendor-mandated
  • Court-ordered legal requirement as a result of sentencing by a judge or jury
  • Leadership training for new team members

Employee Coaching Options: Series

When presented with options, companies often select a series of coaching sessions held in consecutive weeks. The on-going coaching allows strategies learned to be integrated and assimilated into the workplace using continued support and feedback from the coach.

Common sensitivity training topics include sexual harassment prevention, diversity and inclusion in the workplace, leadership, conflict resolution, change management, effective communication for supervisors, and new supervisor training.

*Online remote training is an effective solution for employee coaching or performance management.

*Looking for group sensitivity training course solutions for staff who are in different locations?

Ask about our group training webinars.

Cultural Competency Training & Assessments

Whether your employees are based in the United States or abroad, culture surrounds us. Cultural competence is essential for business success, retention, and job satisfaction. Our experienced trainers facilitate open discussion and guide your staff and managers through the critical elements of cultural sensitivity, understanding and interpretation. By being culturally competent, your staff is better positioned to understand diverse values, behaviors, and beliefs of co-workers, vendors, and customers. Pre-assessments and post-training assessments are recommended to gauge the impact of the sessions and recommend future cultural competency action plans and programs. Diversity Builder trainers will help your company progress to a culture of civility, equity, and inclusion.

Cultural Competence in the Workplace Training

Diversity & Sensitivity Training Courses

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