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To begin building a sustainable inclusive culture, staff and leaders must be equipped with relevant knowledge and actionable strategies. When an organization’s workforce uses this practical education in daily communication, interactions, diversity management, and leadership initiatives, the results are sustainable.

Immersive Training

Diversity Builder trainers facilitate immersive and interactive onsite classes which have proven to raise engagement and have a lasting impact. Building diversity in the workplace is often a first step followed closely by intentional inclusion. Best practices are shared and often used in learner action plans to take back to the workplace. By using an experiential immersive training managers and staff find their behavior and communication choices become intuitive as they encounter similar scenarios following the training program.

Those companies who choose our immersive diversity training programs see improvement in culture with an increased sense of belonging and diversity leadership.

The training impact exceeds far beyond sensitivity and awareness. Our trainers’ goal is to prepare each learner to begin contributing toward an inclusive culture following the session using reasonable best practices that have been shown to be effective in moving a company’s culture forward.

When the leadership team supports diversity programs, employees are more likely to voluntarily take on inclusive behaviors. Following the training, action plans take effect for the employees and managers. Our trainers are available to consult and evaluate the organization’s current diversity program and provide recommendations for forward progress in areas such as hiring and recruitment, employee culture surveys, ongoing blended learning, diversity leadership, employee orientation, and cultural onboarding.

How much does DEI training cost?

DEI training ranges from $35-$75 per person for online training up to $100 to $200 per person for instructor-led onsite training.  Several factors influence pricing such as the number of sessions, the number of employees, and the location of the onsite programs. Substantial discounts may apply.

What are the different types of diversity training?

Diversity training types include an overview of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace, resolving unconscious bias, racial equity training,  inclusive communication, allyship, gender identity, LGBTQ+, generational communication, excellence in leadership, and bystander intervention.

Does Diversity Training Work

The most pertinent question about diversity training is not does it work but when does it work. This is at the top of mind for our trainers. We build our programs around principles that we have seen work time and time again for our clients and that data and studies support.

Research from over 250 studies with data on diversity training results shows it does have a positive effect when the following occurs[1]:

  • Leadership within the organization shows a commitment to long-term learning and development in the area of diversity and inclusion.
  • Other organizational diversity projects are in place at the same time as the training
  • When skill sets and strategies are learned such as recognizing and resolving implicit bias, a positive effect results.
  • Training occurs multiple times or has a significant duration. When employees practice what they learn, a long-term effect is realized.
  • A follow-up accountability program ensues with responsibilities and working tools assigned at a team or individual level.



[1] Bezrukova, Katerina, Spell, Chester, Perry, Jamie. L., & Jehn, K. A. (2016). A Meta-Analytical Integration of Over 40 Years of Research on Diversity Training Evaluation. American Psychological Association: Psychological Bulletin Journal


Educational programs: Customization & Assessment

While Diversity Builder, Inc. offers standard class programming, we adapt each training course to meet the needs of the organization. Our trainers create industry-specific learning exercises may include video vignettes, case studies, open discussion, and role-playing exercises.

Curriculum Development Process

To start the process, our trainers work with organizational leadership or human resources staff to perform a needs assessment and identify specific topics to feature in the training. The trainers then prepare a draft outline for management’s review and the curriculum development begins. Have a tight training deadline or time sensitivity? At Diversity Builder, we are sensitive to training needs with time requirements. Our trainers are located across the nation and often can be available with short notice. We train on evenings and Saturdays, as needed.

Instructor-Led Diversity and Inclusion Course List

Diversity Builder offers a wide range of instructor-led training courses that engage employees and management across a broad range of industries.
The duration of the training classes varies based on organizational need and time resources. Some clients choose a lunch and learn while others opt for a 3-day cultural competence leadership workshop.

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