Workplace Diversity Training & Consulting Solutions

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity and sensitivity training classes are offered onsite & online.

Respect & Communication

Customized workplace training classes address industry specific business and organizational needs.

Harassment & Discrimination

Sexual harassment and discrimination prevention protect employees and companies.

Internet Marketing

Internet marketing includes optimization, social media management, & more.

Employee Diversity Classes

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Diversity Builder facilitates customized workplace diversity training and sensitivity programs as follows:

  • Trainer-led
  • Online Classes
  • Employee Coaching Onsite or Online
  • Webinars

Our Diversity Trainers Travel to You

Diversity Builder makes the logistics of training convenient for HR departments. Our diversity trainers travel directly to your workplace to facilitate classes onsite or offsite. Our trainers are based in key cities in the United States and also have a presence in Europe. We currently have trainers based in New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle, Nashville, St. Louis, and Charlotte, and other sites. We regularly work in Houston and Philadelphia and coordinate travel whenever possible to keep costs down and go reduce our carbon footprint. We train any number of employees or managers. Ideally, we keep class sizes to 35 or fewer. We can offer more than one session per day.

Do you have Spanish-speaking employees?  Several of our trainers are bilingual with fluency in Spanish, Dutch, Greek, and English. We have solutions that include group onsite, webinars, or online classes in Spanish.

Sensitivity and awareness are first steps in the process. The next steps involve implementation of action plans, inclusive communication strategies, and establishing accountability to support respect, civility, and equity.

Change occurs when inclusive leaders model the behaviors they wish to see and empower each employee to take on a D& I role. When employees feel empowered and are intentional about their own role in building inclusion at work, cultures shift. A sense of belonging will result where employees feel safe to be their best authentic selves.

Diversity Training with Enduring Results

Leadership + Empowerment + Collective Accountability = Sustainable Cultural Change

Time-Sensitive Employee Coaching

Human Resource managers are often tasked with finding a diversity training firm who offers effective time-sensitive employee or group learning solutions to address a complaint filed. Often one or more comments were made by an employee or manager that do not align with the company standards. An inappropriate joke may have been shared or an employee may be communicating with words that lack gender or cultural sensitivity. The human resources complaint may have resulted from an internal human resources investigation or with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). Learning options include online training classes and one on one coaching sessions using a webinar format. The training focuses on providing strategies to change the behaviors that resulted in the complaint.

Diversity Builder recognizes that such training requests are often a solution derived from a performance management plan and are time-sensitive. A company may face serious risks resulting from the behavior of an employee to include potential employee lawsuits or EEOC claims. Diversity Builder responds with a sense of urgency to identify the best training solution and deliver that curriculum either online or in-person group or one-on-one employee coaching.

Onsite and Online Workplace Training Program Options

Search Engine Marketing Services

Diversity Builder has been performing online marketing for clients since 2003. We take a customized approach as we realize each client’s needs and goals are different.

Why SEO Matters

Optimization Benefits:

  • Elevated targeted website traffic
  • Expanded branding
  • Capitalizing on news results
  • Increased company sales
  • Ability to grow and hire additional employees

Online Optimization

Focusing on search engine results to raise targeted local or national traffic and sales. Strategies:

  • Identify and implement local, regional, or worldwide search strategies
  • Enhance Google My Business listing to attract mobile visitors
  • Build citations and directory listings to establish online credibility

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