About Diversity Builder

Diversity Builder, Inc. was founded in 2003. It started as an online diversity business directory that listed companies who committed to support a diverse client base and be “inclusive.”
In 2004, Diversity Builder began receiving calls from businesses that had located the directory and wanted information on how to improve their company’s inclusivity in the workplace. Diversity Builder began to help provide diversity training options and resources to those companies and as demand for the services grew, they knew they had to do something more.

Diversity and Sensitivity Training Division Launched

Thus the training branch of Diversity Builder was launched. Diversity Builder began providing individual and group onsite training courses, including diversity and inclusion, cultural competency, generational communication, resolving unconscious bias, sexual harassment and bullying prevention, team building, interpersonal and effective communication, managerial and new supervisor training, conflict resolution, ADA and EEOC training, and much more. Training options evolved and now include in-person group training, individual and group training via webinar and remote online coaching, or online training courses.

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Digital Marketing Branch Begins: SEO SEM

Soon after the inclusive directory went live, DiversityBuilder.com was listed in the top 2% websites on the internet. This was due to internet marketing tactics put in place to promote our clients. The high ranking and immediate referrals through the business listings were quickly noticed. A number of the businesses listed in the directory contacted Diversity Builder to find out how to improve their own websites and rankings.

The company founders realized that through the process of building the Diversity Builder website, they had acquired a skill that was needed in the business community, so she decided to begin offering her internet marketing services to other businesses in the area.

The digital marketing division of Diversity Builder was formed and quickly grew. Diversity Builder currently provides internet marketing services to over 50 businesses, locally and nationwide. Services provided include search engine optimization, reputation management, local link building, local Google listing promotion, email campaigns, pay per click services, social media management, and much more.

One thing that sets Diversity Builder apart from other internet marketing companies, is that no contract is required. Instead, work is completed on a month to month basis and detailed reporting of client results are provided every month. This allows clients to review their return on investment regularly and adjust their plan as needed to meet their current goals, rather than being locked into a one size fits all contract.

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Diversity Builder’s Vision: Inclusion

Diversity Builder advocates the advancement of diversity, respect for all persons, and the elimination of discrimination.

Diversity Inclusion Policy – Diversity Builder embraces diversity and only partners with businesses that agree to welcome and respect all customers, regardless of race, creed, culture, sexual orientation, gender identity, minority status, HIV status, ethnicity, and/or physical appearance.

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