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Course Title: Keeping the Peace: Policing Diverse Communities, Cultural Competence for Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement Diversity Course Description: This course was specifically developed for law enforcement personnel and has been facilitated for Birmingham and Akron Police Departments. It is an essential course to raise the level of cultural competence within police departments to enable improved community relations and overall job performance.

This course will explore how the elimination of bias and efforts to become culturally competent can foster trust and confidence among the various communities that law enforcement must serve and protect. Law enforcement functions optimally when its practices align with community values and expectations, which requires awareness of who is in the community and the factors that can influence their relationship with law enforcement. Participants will learn how perceptions based on bias or lack of awareness regarding an individual’s religion, race, disability, gender, ethnicity, immigration status, or national origin can influence officer conduct, and how these same characteristics in turn can affect subjects’ behavior during a law enforcement encounter, or their perceptions about law enforcement in general.

Who Should Attend:  Law enforcement personnel of all levels, diversity and inclusion leaders, state and local policymakers, and community organizations will learn the methods for overcoming the effects of bias and lack of awareness during law enforcement encounters, and how to develop the trust and partnership between communities and law enforcement that is essential for effective policing.

Learning Objectives: Participants will explore the role of implicit bias in day to day law enforcement activities, the results of failing to confront and eradicate the role of bias in law enforcement, and methods for avoiding biased policing through improved awareness of how perceptions and behaviors can be managed from a culturally competent foundation.


“People are more likely to obey the law when they believe that those who are enforcing it have the legitimate authority to tell them what to do .  . . The public confers legitimacy only on those they believe are acting in procedurally just ways.” – The President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing, May 2015.

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