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Time Management

With employees facing distractions and competing priorities in today’s workplace, time management skills are more valuable than ever. In the modern workspace, speed is the new currency. Employees are often busy and working hard, but they could be more productive by working smarter. Diversity Builder’s time management trainer specializes in the subject and has proven results in helping teams, leadership and individual contributors make better use of time and enhance performance. This class is highly engaging and interactive. All participants will walk away with actionable strategies to use immediately.

Looking for an online time management training class? In addition to onsite employee and group training options, Diversity Builder offers an interactive e-learning program available for those working remotely or are unable to attend a live class.

How to Manage My Time

Our clients often come to us with this question: “How do our employees best manage their time?” The first step we take after performing an initial interview with the team leader or HR director is to distribute an online time management assessment to determine where the key areas of time loss exist and how the employee currently works with time.  Once the team answers the questions from the assessment, a report will be generated to bring with them to the training class. Pre-tests and post-assessments and tracking help measure the impact of the changes, time savings, and productivity.

Top Time Management Technology Tools

The top tech tools for managing time in business include systems, apps, and other assistive programs. Knowing which tool is right for your business is the first step in setting up an effective system. Our facilitators can guide you on the selection of technology tools and train your employees on how to use them.

Top 6 Tech Tools to Manage Time

Microsoft Office 365 – This is an ever-popular suite of programs that can work well together to raise productivity.

Trello – Popular collaboration tool for project and task management

Toggl – Tells employees how many minutes or hours were spent on work tasks, allowing for better planning and identifying areas where time can be saved

GSuite -Google continues to product and fine tune apps that help teams and employees improve their performance and collaborate. Everything from Google Docs, Sheets, Cloud, Slides Drive, and Calendar are found here. Many of these tools are free or low in price.

Dropbox – While Dropbox is mainly used for storage, it allows for easy access and storage of data across teams.

Rescue Time – Tracks wasted time and raises awareness of time burning activities

Microsoft Office Time Management Tools

Many businesses invest in Microsoft Office 365 for their employees and teams. Microsoft has built some powerful tools to help with time management. In fact, many companies use Microsoft as their sole source for planning and productivity advances. Knowing how to use the programs in a systematic way to improve task and productivity management as well as eliminate wasted time is key to success. Our facilitators will work with your teams specifically on how to set up an internal system and help employees follow the program for elevated performance results.

Top 3 Microsoft Office Programs for Time Management

Outlook – Email, notes, contacts, and calendar features

Microsoft Teams – This program allows for collaborative conversations and project management. Learn how to boost team productivity by using this program efficiently.

Microsoft Project or Planner – Find out which program is best for your team and how to use it for improved results.

Effective Habits of Productivity

The following habits have been shown to enhance productivity in the workplace:

  • Regular Planning and Prioritization
  • Managing Email
  • Avoiding Procrastination
  • Managing Perfectionism
  • Carving out Time for Key Projects
  • Reducing Interruptions
  • Avoiding Social Media Time Drain
  • Communicating Effectively
  • Using Organization Techniques

Get Started with Time Management Classes

Course Description: Time Management

Diversity Builder’s time management course is customized for each company or organization based on specific time challenges, work environment (work at home, cubicles, or office), technology and apps available, job role, and industry. Each team member assigned to the class will take an assessment to better understand how he or she currently uses time and identify areas of improvement. The trainer will discuss the assessment report when she facilitates the live in-person session.

*Depending on the software and computer systems used by the company, technology strategies will be taught. Examples include setting up tasks in Microsoft Outlook and calendar blocking.

Class Objectives:

  • How to develop SMART goals
  • Strategic prioritization of tasks and projects
  • Identifying time traps
  • Decluttering
  • Eliminating tasks that do not belong
  • Building structure (developing a schedule model)
  • Understand the impact of forethought
  • How to best use technology planning tools, systems and apps
  • How to utilize blended time management systems

Our time management trainer is a prominent trainer and national speaker on the topic. She works with individual employees, leadership, and group organizations who want to improve productivity and the use of time. Her goal is to help motivated team members accomplish what is most important to the company’s success and their personal success. She has earned a NAPO Specialist Certification in Workplace Productivity and is a Certified Professional Organizer.

She has trained the following companies and organizations:

  • Soles4Souls
  • Happy Healthy Lawyers CLE event
  • The Institute for Challenging Disorganization
  • National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals (NAPO) Nashville
  • The Tennessee Alliance for Legal Services (TALS)
  • The Tennessee Association of School Nurses (TASN)
  • Style Blueprint
  • The Tennessee Occupational Association (TNOTA)
  • Vanderbilt University
  • Workiva’s annual user’s conference
  • Extend Communication, Inc., Canada
  • Belmont UMC’s Career Transition Support Group
  • Littleton Regional Hospital, Littleton NH (IT department)