Individual Diversity/Sensitivity Coaching

Diversity Builder, Inc. has a proven record of success in helping employees gain an understanding of how their actions and language at work impact others. Our company provides tools to align an employee’s behavior with the company’s inclusion standards. When a diversity or sensitivity issue involves one of your executives, managers, or another valued employee, taking corrective action is essential to show your commitment to the employee and responding appropriately to a workplace complaint.

Online/Onsite Coaching and Mentoring

Individualized training may be requested by a human resources (HR) manager resulting from a situation involving a policy violation and subsequent corrective action, an HR investigation, performance management, or part of an employee or manager development plan.

Diversity Builder’s confidential coaching sessions are designed to refocus thoughts and behaviors that can create costly personnel issues, poor team and individual performance, and possibly have legal impacts.

One on One Sensitivity Online: Live

We have found employees are extremely receptive to our one-on-one sensitivity sessions. Our clients have commented that such sessions are highly effective and positively impact future employee and manager performance. Arranging a sensitivity coaching session for the employee shows your commitment to him/her and contributes to his/her professional development as a valuable member of your organization.

Prior to the session, the HR director or manager will receive an agenda of topics our trainer will cover. Each agenda is customized and we will seek your input to ensure the training meets the needs of your company. Following the session, a training summary with be provided and include feedback on the session including an overview and action steps discussed. A certificate of completion will be issued following the training.

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The assigned trainer creates customized curriculum for each session. We have found over the years that we cover common topics. Some of the most requested curriculum is listed below:

  • Value of Diversity at Work
  • Respect in the Workplace
  • Value of Positive Communication with Peers and Employees
  • Avoiding a Hostile Work Environment
  • Verbal Communication – Intent versus Impact
  • Filtering – Filtering Comments for Better Communication & Work Relationships
  • Action Steps to take When You Believe you may have Hurt/Offended a Coworker
  • How to Deal with Difficult Personalities at Work
  • Best Practices in Conducting Employee Appraisal Discussions
  • How to Motivate Employees
  • How to Lead by Example
  • Effective Strategies in Directing Employee Tasks to Enhance Performance
  • Best practices in Hiring and Conducting Interviews
  • How to Avoid using Inappropriate Language at Work (including racial ‘slurs’)
  • Effective Conflict Management Strategies
  • Manager’s Role in Promoting Diversity
  • Best Practices to Avoid Company Exposure to EEOC Claims and Lawsuits

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