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Understanding gender in the workplace and what equality means are key components of a successful first class. Awareness and sensitivity are the initial concepts in a move toward equity, followed by respect. Activating the skills learned in training is where the real workplace change begins. Learn how your organization may benefit from gender inclusion training. Diversity Builder customizes experiential gender courses designed to have a lasting impact. Gender diversity training has gained prominence in the United States with the raised awareness about respect and equity challenges and biases brought about in part from discussions around the Me Too and Times Up movements. Gender in the workplace can take many forms including cisgender, transgender, gender fluid, non-binary, pangender, and many others.

Course Title: Gender in the Workplace

Group Gender Training Course Description:

The role of gender in the workplace is multi-faceted and complex. Gender often impacts one’s power, leadership role, and financial equity in the workplace.  This course provides team members with a framework to better understand gender differences at work and effective strategies to best communicate and build an inclusive environment in the workplace.

Education Benefits

Gender diversity training helps organizations fulfill their potential as places where people of all genders, gender expressions, and gender identities have equal access to success. In the workplace employees come into contact with people who would not regularly be part of their social and family groups. Occasionally those interactions can create conflict and offer an opportunity to learn more about different groups of people. Gender training goes beyond the legal requirement of harassment prevention. The benefits of training on gender equality includes increased ability to attract retain talent, raised productivity and innovation.

Leadership Gender and Diversity

Living in a post Me Too world, organizational leaders can embrace this national moment to educate about gender issues. Men, women, and non-binary genders have more in common than in difference. In the United States, we tend to focus on difference because it is easy to recognize and categorized based on visual information. Binary gender, or what we know as women and men, can be identified based on hair style, clothing, shoes, makeup, accessories, grooming, communication methods, physical features, and so forth. When people interpret this information in a way that is unfamiliar to them, it can result in discomfort. This unsettled feeling is due to the way that we are all taught about gender and gender expression.

Reasons Organizations Seek Gender Training

  • When they have issues keeping certain genders employed in their fields
  • When leadership needs to be refreshed on the benefits of hiring and promoting all genders
  • When gender equality issues begin to surface
  • Gender expression or identity changes within teams
  • When wanting to create gender equality initiatives in their workplaces
  • To learn about the ways that gender influences their business

Diversity Builder trainers offer gender equality training and coaching that will impact everyone at the organization. Additionally, training seminars for human resource personnel, upper management and leadership, and board of directors are offered to educate on gender equality and the profitability of gender equality.

Individual Employee Coaching

If an individual team member or leader within your organization has struggled with respect, language, lacks sensitivity, or behavior related to gender, the Diversity Builder trainers will design a custom coaching program to address areas of concern. Coaching programs vary based on the severity of the incident and the number of occurrences.

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Who Should Attend the Class: HR Professionals, Employees and Managers, Team Members, Organization Leaders

Learning Objective: Leadership: Managers and leaders will strengthen their capacity to build an inclusive and equitable culture by implementing effective gender-related strategies, utilizing inclusive hiring practices, evaluating gender within current leadership, and empowering team members.

Learning Objective: Team Members: Participants will gain an understanding of gender diversity in the workplace, including workplace demographics, and equity gaps. Learners will be able to utilize new gender communication strategies in the workplace to improve work relationships and inclusion.

Gender Topics Trained

The following is a list of our most commonly requested gender training topics. Each Diversity Builder course and curriculum is customized for the client.

  • History of Gender in the Workplace
  • Difference Between Sex and Gender
  • Gender Workplace Demographics
  • What is Gender Equality
  • Types
  • Women in Leadership
  • Gender Bias
  • Hiring Practices 
  • Power and Control in the Workplace
  • Measuring Gender Equity (Assessment Tools)
  • How to Increase Number of Women in Leadership Roles
  • Gender as a Protected Class
  • Empowerment and Equity
  • Responsive Planning
  • Gender Identity
  • Gender Expression
  • Unconscious Bias
  • Best Practices for Building a Gender Inclusive Culture
  • Interventions and policies to improve gender equity within the workplace

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