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Diversity Builder was founded in 2003 with the mission of building a directory of inclusive businesses for members of diverse groups seeking services, particularly inclusive access to healthcare. It was important to the Diversity Builder founders to help ensure patients had access to non-discriminatory healthcare providers regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity, culture or other parts of one’s identity.

The diversity directory was the first of its kind to list providers in every state in the nation, rather than just the large metropolitan cities. It was not easy creating this directory. It was truly a labor of love from the entire project team. Finding dentists willing to serve all patients was particularly difficult. The team experience many phone hang ups and personal threats.

Referrals to Inclusive Healthcare Providers

During the project and following the directory completion, Diversity Builder’s leadership team realized that visitors seeking services would often require a personal referral to a doctor dentist or therapist in their area. The LGBTQI community was one diverse group being rejected for care regularly. We recognized that patients in remote areas or having specific needs may not find a provider on our director or the GLMA’s and possibly not receive the care they need. This was simply unacceptable to us.

Find LGBTQI Welcoming Doctors

Regular doctor exams are sometimes skipped due to apprehension regarding the patient’s comfort level with the physician. The Diversity Builder team has provided referrals to  healthcare or other providers upon request since 2004. Our team is willing to make those calls to identify LGBTQI-inclusive providers as a way to give back to the community.

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Diversity Builder embraces diversity and partners with businesses that agree to welcome and respect all customers, regardless of race, creed, culture, sexual orientation, gender identity, minority status, HIV status, ethnicity, pregnancy and/or physical appearance.

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