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Instructor-Led Diversity * Inclusion * Cultural Sensitivity Employee Group Training

Diversity Builder, Inc. offers personalized solutions to address each organization’s training requirements. The curriculum is designed with content specific to the client’s industry.

Our firm advocates the advancement of diversity, respect for all persons, and a work environment that values and embraces differences. Founded in 2003, Diversity Builder has developed into a prominent diversity training leader, producing high-impact results for companies and organizations across the nation. Diversity Builder’s unique approach to training has helped clients successfully develop a lasting culture of diversity and inclusiveness.

Specifically, Diversity Builder structures the training to derive the following benefits for companies, organizations and employees:

Sensitivity & Inclusion Training Benefits

  • Improved communication: When communication improves, performance naturally improves. Enhancing communication related to diversity topics helps build an inclusive environment and welcoming workplace for staff and leadership.
  • Increased understanding: Increased interest and understanding of differences in individuals at work has been shown to improve job satisfaction, performance, and employee retention.

Increased group cohesion: When diversity is valued by an organization and its leadership, team members and managers develop stronger mutual respect and a renewed faith in their ability to work together.

Our Diversity Trainers

The Diversity Builder training team is comprised of trainers from different cultural, educational, and minority backgrounds to deliver a cohesive diversity curriculum. Our trainers and consultants have worked with various clients in the areas of diversity, inclusion, and multicultural awareness, change management, cross-cultural communication, collaboration, and team development. Our experience in these areas includes numerous class facilitations with publicly traded companies, financial institutions, government entities, educational institutions, and non-profit organizations.

Adult Learning Techniques

Diversity Builder uses an experiential training facilitation and blended learn approach that is highly effective. Unlike lecture-driven training courses, our curriculum is delivered using adult learning principles. We believe workplace training is best received if it is conversational and engaging. Our trainers are consistent in their training and use tools such as group case study, role playing, and other learning activities. The critical source for learning resides in the adults and their personal connections to the topics.

Diversity Builder Training Clients

Federal Government Clients

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
U.S. Department of Energy
U.S. Postal Inspection Service
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
Navmar Applied Sciences Corporation (NASC)

Healthcare Industry Clients

Molina Healthcare
Bradford Health Services
Anka Behavioral Health
Washoe Tribal Health Center
Royale Mission Viejo Health
Partners in Care Foundation

Banking and Finance Training Clients

Ohio Savings Bank
New York Community Bank
Granite Loan Management
EFT Source (now CPI Card Group)
Auto Acceptance
Settlement Alliance
Overland Solutions, Inc.

Aerospace Industry Training Clients

Bombardier Inc.
Stark Aerospace

Construction Company Training Clients

Lindblad Construction
ARCO Construction Company
American Contracting and Environmental
Irving Materials

Police and Law Enforcement Training Clients

City of Akron/Akron Police Department
Elkton Police Department
Birmingham Police Department
St. Martin Parish Sheriff
Cy-Fair Volunteer Fire Department

Education, Colleges, University Training Clients

Northwest Indiana Special Education
Lake Station Community Schools (Indiana)
Fairfield University
El Camino College
Farmingdale State College
Sewanee University
Columbia State Community College
Patterson School District
Keystone Oaks School District
Denmark College

Pharmaceutical & Medical Training Clients

Reese Pharmaceutical Company
Synergy Pharmaceuticals
Seneca Medical

Technology Firms Training Clients

Age Industries
ComTech Communications
StratX IT Solutions
Crafty Apes

Cities and State Agency Training Clients

City of Philadelphia
City of Hemet
City of Arvin
The Maryland Lottery and Gaming Control Agency
New York State Industries for the Disabled

Water and Utility Company Training Clients

Madera Valley Water
Limestone County Water and Sewer
UtiliQuest, LLC
Harpeth Valley Utilities District

Automotive Industry Training Clients

Henna Chevrolet
Akebono Brake
Service King Collision Repair

Food and Beverage Training Clients

Performance Food Group
Creative Occasions
RC Cola
Dillon Stores
Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles
Supreme Beverage
Killer Shrimp

Housing and Real Estate

West Haven Housing Authority
Retirement Housing Foundation
Property Resource Corporation (New York)

Service Industry Training Clients

Maryland Lottery and Gaming Control Agency
OPI Inc.
SquareTrade (An Allstate Company)
Cherry Companies
Greater Lynn Senior Services
President Container
Victory Packaging
Service King
National Envelope
Saint Clair Systems
Eric Javits
The RealReal
IO Studio
HTI, Inc.
Labor Ready
Morris-Jenkins, Inc.
Madison Security
OPTO International
Corporate Environments (Atlanta)
EJ Electric
On The Move Inc.
Service Management Group
Southern Wine and Spirits
Atlas Copco Drilling Solutions (Nashville)
Federal Signal
Viking Cruises
LP Innovations
Anant Operations
Coil Chem LLC
Learning Arts

Charitable Organizations and Non-Profit Training Clients

Catholic Charities Community Services
The Humane Society of the United States
Sttrong Foundation
California Rural Legal Assistance

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