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Meet Our Diversity Trainers and Consultants

Diversity Builder’s trainers and consultants facilitate dynamic experiential classes that use industry-specific real life exercises to produce optimal learning outcomes.

“When learners see the workplace from others’ perspectives and set actionable diversity goals, true change begins in their work culture. Our trainers’ engaging facilitation approach encourages a high level of participation and accelerates progress in building a culture of inclusion.”

Each Diversity Builder trainer brings a unique set of life experiences, expertise and passion for inclusion into each workshop.

Trainers Located Across USA

 Diversity Builder trainers are located across the nation in nearly every state in the nation. This geographical strategy reduces travel expense and helps us contribute to sustainability. We have trainers and consultants located in most major cities such as New York City, Washington DC, San Diego, and Chicago, to name a few.

Trainer Backgrounds

Our trainers and consultants bring a variety of skills and life experiences. Some of our trainers have earned law or doctorate degrees and focus on compliance programs such as ADA training and harassment prevention. We have trainers who are world-wide travelers adept at facilitating culturally-focused on-boarding. Some of our trainers have excelled in corporate environments to include Disney, IBM, Gaylord Entertainment, The American Bar Association, Laromme Hotels, Disability Rights California, State of Oregon Vocational Rehabilitation, and Bank of America. Some trainers excel in the academic space and have been instrumental in creating diversity-related programs in University of Chicago and DePaul University, and primary school environments. Still others have worked in the government sector including city government and federal agencies, including the FBI. One of our trainers is an attorney who has been admitted to practice in both California and Oregon. Languages spoken fluently include Greek, Spanish, French, and English.

Trainer Specialties

  • Cultural Competency
  • ADA Training
  • Healthcare Diversity & Inclusion
  • Financial Institution & Bank Inclusion
  • Law Enforcement & Police Diversity
  • EEOC Compliance
  • Team Building to Enhance Performance and Innovation
  • Leadership Excellence
  • Sexual Harassment & Bullying Prevention
  • Culturally-Focused On-Boarding (Cross-Cultural & Expatriate Training)
  • Supplier Diversity Consulting
  • Diversity Policy and Program Consulting
  • Collaboration Across Organizational Boundaries
  • Diversity and Inclusion in Education and Schools

Get Started with Workplace Training

We have a number of trainers and consultants on our team. Here are a few of our team members….
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