Online Training Course Description: Diversity in the Workplace

Effective diversity training engages the learner and is actionable.

There are many benefits to employees receiving diversity and inclusion (DE&I) training.

Benefits of DE&I Training

  • Elevated sense of belonging
  • Increased workplace or school engagement
  • Improved team and workgroup performance
  • Innovation
  • Higher employee and student retention
  • Improved behavior management, responses and overall communication
  • Expansion of reach in hiring or recruiting

A respectful workplace identities can be fully shared allows for workers and clients to live more authentically. This course provides an opportunity for employees and managers to build a space that can hold all complexities of each individual. Research shows that employees that feel free to be their authentic selves are happier, more satisfied, more productive, and do their best work.

Demographics are shifting. The workplace is becoming more diverse with regard to race, gender, ethnicity, diverse abilities, sexual orientation, age and generations and other identities. Leaders are recognizing the need for education of their staff to elevate connection and affirming practices. They want DE&I training programs that are interactive and provide actionable strategies to take back to workplaces and learning entities.

This self-directed course guides learners in building a foundational knowledge about racial identities, gender and orientation, generational differences, identifying and resolving implicit bias, and leading with respect and inclusion. Learners are encouraged to self-reflect on their communication and recognize biases and the harm that can result. Strategies to address bias are provided. Learners will gain awareness of the benefits of building a culture of inclusion and be equipped with simple strategies to start being change catalysts.

This online diversity training program includes audio visual, authentic case studies, questions and answers, and video scenario elements. Specifically the interactive components include tests for understanding, video workplace scenarios with questions and answers to keep the learner interested throughout the program, and tools to use to implement lessons learned.

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Online Diversity Training Topics

Benefits of Workplace Diversity

How Diversity Affects Performance of Teams and Businesses

Resolving Unconscious Bias

Changing Workplace Demographics

  • Age and Generations
  • Gender
  • Race and Ethnicity

Bridging Generational Differences at Work

Definitions: General Bias, Implicit Bias, and Microaggressions

Unconscious Bias and Microaggression Examples in the Workplace

Roles in Diversity Communication: Senders Receivers & Bystanders

Compliance: Discrimination and Harassment Prevention Laws

Conflict Resolution

Managing Change

Attracting and Retaining Top Talent

Individual Contributors’ and Company Responsibilities

Inclusive Conversations Test for Effectiveness & Appropriateness

Action Items to Mitigate Bias at Work

Advantages of Differing Viewpoints

Innovation Research Study: Diverse Teams

Benefits of Attracting Women and Non-White Team Members

Practical Application: Three Employee Diversity Strategies

Anticipating Business Diversity Changes

Role of Technology and Retraining

Heightened Need for Diverse Teams in Global Companies

Scenarios: Age & Generational, LGBTQI, Religious Practices, Culture & Dialect, Discrimination & Harassment

This online Diversity in the Workplace class helps learners understand and appreciate the significance of a diverse workplace. In this course, a video narrator explains diversity concepts and helps employees and managers recognize the complexity of the workforce today. Employees will learn procedures needed to follow and comply with the law, as well as provide a working environment that will benefit all. Participants will walk away with understanding the pitfalls to be aware of and avoid when applying these techniques and indicators of success.

Workplace Diversity Online Learning Objectives

By the end of the course, each learner should attain the following objectives.

  • Gain a new perspective on the value and benefits of diversity and inclusion in the workplace
  • Understand how one’s identity,  background, culture and beliefs contribute to workplaces views and contributions
  • Recognize unconscious bias
  • Identify the steps required to resolve unconscious bias and avoid microaggressions
  • Develop a framework for instituting a diversity and inclusion action plan at work

Diversity Action Plan Tools: Continuing the Conversation

  • Team Diversity Worksheet
  • Diversity Management Steering Committee
  • Diversity Performance Plan
  • Checklist for Valuing Diversity
  • Performance Feedback Document
  • Diversity Evaluation
  • Tool B (Cultural Intelligence and Inclusion Action Plan)

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